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Cloud management suite

Manage all your devices inside or outside your network from the Cloud without the need to deploy agents.

Discovery & Inventory

Get started on the right path with network discovery and inventory tools that provide real-time access to what’s in your environment.

Patch Managemen

Keep desktops, laptops and remote users up-to-date with the latest Microsoft and third-party software updates and security patches- before you even know there is a problem.

Great Support

Support is included and always available. Our experts make your life easier and get you the most out of your account right away.

Software Distribution Two-Factor Authentication

Fortinetify your login process with a two-step solution: first a username and password, then an electronically generated SMS, Google authentication or email.

Reports & Dashboards

Advanced and user friendly reports give you the information you need easily, without learning complex reporting software. Business-level reporting and dashboards help it track assets.


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Cloud management suite