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Goverlan network software solutionGoverlan, Inc. is a leading provider of IT support and remote management software used by customers in all end markets - government, education, financial services, industrial, etc.

IT Departments

Goverlan enables you to seamlessly support all your users, no matter where they are, and without the need for a VPN.

With Goverlan you have: 

  • Secure access to your users’ machines whether they are at work, at home or anywhere 
  • Enterprise-class Remote Control 
  • Active Directory administration and Password management 
  • Behind-the-scenes systems’ reporting and management 
  • Software and patch distribution 
  • IT workflow automation 
  • Compliance and security management 
  • Centralized auditing of operator actions 

IT Service providers

Our easy-to-use, integrated console allows you to support stand-alone users, workgroups, and entire Active Directory sites.

With Goverlan you have: 

  • Management access to entire sites and individual end points without VPN 
  • On-demand support options for anyone, anywhere 
  • Enterprise-class remote management and administration 
  • Behind-the-scenes desktop maintenance and support 
  • Scalable pricing 
  • Small footprint, easy integration 

Product and kiosk support

Access and manage remote ATM, POS, and other devices/software with our secure management and support tools.

With Goverlan you have: 

  • On-demand support options with screen sharing and collaboration 
  • Secure access to unattended web-based machines anywhere 
  • Behind-the-scenes management and support tools 
  • Schedule maintenance automations
  • Software and patch distribution 


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