Software solutions

Monitoring software

With networks becoming even more complex over time, having a robust network monitoring solution in place is crucial. SIA SHNS offers comprehensive network monitoring capabilities that help you monitor network performance, detect network faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime. Being a powerful network monitor, it supports multi-vendor IT environments and can scale to fit your network, regardless of its size. Monitor your devices and network to gain complete visibility and control over your entire network infrastructure.

Data backup, storage management and data recovery

Veeam, Arcserve, Veritas are the world wide popular and industry leaders in backup and archiving solutions. Their platform helps securely backup, recover and protect all website, server, email and mobile data.


SIA SHNS offers a network security strategy that enables customers to identify the gaps that may expose their organizations to risk, giving them confidence that their data is protected. We assist our clients in securing their organization from internal and external threats by identifying the best products and solutions based on their current network security infrastructure.

Software solutions